Images and information about the AnaTek Blue ESR/Low Ohms meter
and Blue Ring Tester for FBT/LOPTs and all Hi-Q inductive components.

These two test instruments can be purchased as fully assembled and ready to go
other than not including a 9 volt battery or they are available as kits. I chose
the kit form for the fun of building them myself.
They are very well documented and laid out.
Calibration for the Blue ESR was simple with the two 1% supplied resistors. Testing of
the Blue Ring tester for FBT/LOPTs and all Hi-Q inductive components is easy with the
supplied doit yourself hand wound coil.

The two kits before opening..

Bob Parker design and successor to the famous Dick Smith ESR/Low Ohms Meter.

Showing the Blue ESR/Low Ohms kit spread out..

After assembly other than the case closing..

The completed kit after calibration being used to test a bad cap.
This is a 2200uf @ 10wv that has oozed. Notice the measured ESR of 1.3 is well
over the expected range for caps > 500ufd. This same cap was measured with a DMM
and it showed the normal charge both directions as well as no resistance of a short.

The successor to the famous Bob Parker FBT/LOPT kit and companion to the Blue ESR meter kit.
The Blue Ring Tester for FBT/LOPTs and all Hi-Q inductive components.

The Anatek Blue Ring tester after assembly and before installing into case.
note: the two IC sockets were not included in this kit.

The Anatek Blue Ring tester checking the supplied coil. This coil is wound
by hand as part of the kit tasks. Notice the coil checks in the high Q range.
The alligator clips at the bottom are a DC supply substituting for the 9-volt battery.

DSO output of the Anatek Blue Ring tester while it is connected to the test coil.
The numbers were jumping quite a lot and the actual frequency of the meter
is about 150Khz.

The above two kits were purchased from (DEAD LINK NOW) AnaTek Corp.

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